the vessel

vessels are in constant water

swallowing the salt from the world's pains and releasing

only to be filled again. 

the depth of this reception brings an indomitable

and deep love

but not without immense sorrow. 

my heart was born in a large vessel.

i was conceived in water. 

i was conceived drowning. 

i was conceived to survive. 

survival is stroke by stroke

and breath by breath.

survival is tiresome. 

survival is brutal. 

sometimes when my body meets the ocean, 

i wish to walk in,

i wish to be swept away,

to be free to float,

to stop swimming. 

only then could i be free. 

only then could i taste freedom. 

only then could i rest,

becoming one with the water,

with its salt and my salt

carrying the vessel together. 

thy nguyenComment