the truth

the truth always comes out eventually. 

slip off of a punch-drunken tongue casually. 

switch its hips through the way unabashedly. 

spit from the lips of a lover's veiled reality.

hit by a fist with undercover palm anatomy. 

the truth always makes itself known. 

alluding to its insides when its guts have overgrown. 

intruding at night forcing your shut eyelids open. 

producing a cry of an unrecognizable tone. 

introducing a light on the bones that have broken. 

the truth will demand your attention. 

trick your head into a war between impact and intention. 

make its bed in the ribs of parted words and things unmentioned. 

sip the part of sense you salvaged to have faith in softer mendings. 

rip your heart from in your chest with a new angry addendum. 

the truth will leave you numb. 

teach the darkness to greet you in its own foreign tongue. 

meet your heart in your sleep and leave it not where it's from. 

reach inside the softest crevice of where your faith had once hung. 

sweep you off of your feet and knock the wind from your lungs.

the truth stings. 

the truth will pierce you like a needle dipped in poison the color of blood. 

the truth rings. 

the truth will echo in a chamber that used to host a song of love. 

the truth will bite, the truth will cut, the truth will strike, the truth will thrust. 

the truth will fight you with bare knuckles to make sure that each blow stuns. 

and you will tumble, fall apart, lose all you knew, become undone. 

and all the rumbling in your heart, it starts again with each rerun. 

the truth is a rebirth. 

the truth will knock the life from inside you and bring you back in a new hearse. 

the truth will strip you down to when you knew nothing so now you just imagine the worst. 

the truth is a dream stealer. 

the truth will reveal your hopes to be sweet nothings that only your naïveté could hear. 

the truth will give you lonely nightmares that feed with eagerness on your fears. 

the truth is a ticking bomb. 

the truth will strip you of everything you've ever known. 

the truth will kick you out, take your belongings, and make you find a new home. 

and the truth, 

the truth will set you free. 

the truth will make you into what you'd never thought you'd be. 

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