the election (2017)

i watched in horror

as square by square

as state by state

became filled with red


it was a map of blood

from the bodies of those

who fought to be counted

till their untimely death


i watched in grief

as tally by tally

as point by point

surged on the evil side


it was a lead of hate

that emboldened oppression

and bravado of bigotry

from under the quiet


i woke up this morning

not to any new country

but the same ol’ amerikkka

that never loved me


this united states

has always existed

it was a never a home

for the black or brown body


i woke up today

to the amerikkkan dream

that for fifty-eight percent

of white people came true


this dream is the nightmare

of those who were stolen

of those who sought refuge

in the red, white, and blue


the fight that we face

has always been brutal

is promised to be difficult

this, we can’t avoid.


the fight that we fight

in spite of our trials

at the risk of our lives

is our only choice.

thy nguyenComment