beloved: adjective. 

very popular with or much used by a specified set of people. 


my homeland - the land of the growers, the boaters, and warriors

was beloved by colonizers who seized our thrones over and over. 


my homeland

forsaken, forlorn, imperialized and war-torn

was very popular with the french, much used by japan, and it was split by agent orange

my homeland was beloved.


and this land, on which i stand, was too.

this land was exploited for the red, white, and blue.


this land

advantaged for the white man,

mismanaged by the white hands,

glamorized by the white band,

blows horns for the white anthem,

that slanders those who won’t stand,

and sing along enchanted,

to promises abandoned,

to murder made romantic,

this land is beloved.



is very popular with supremacists and terrorists

much used by eurocentric developers and eugenicists.


our colors

are never erased

our colors

are just relabeled.


the violence

never dissipates

the violence,

just rearranges


slave patrols they now call "officers"

ol jim crow now "war on drugs"


emmett till and a whistle ended like tamir with a toy gun

hundreds been buried and lynched, hundreds of black girls and sons


america is beloved.


america loves “love”

the way it sounds and looks in movies

but i know words are just flowers

they can sit pretty and never soothe me


a community is not beloved if a community does not have justice

a community cannot know love if it’s been trained to accept a lack of it


we have mistaken silence for peace

we have mistaken success for freedom

we’d rather draw for each other’s blood

than sever the roots of all our symptoms



is very popular with those who don’t love liberation

much used by those who only know obliteration.


this land


is not dearly loved

the people are not yet all free

until the gone can get justice

beloved is just a daydream.

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