they say the bad girls ain’t no good

and the good girls ain’t no fun

said you’ve been looking for the one

love at first sight, love at first cum

say that you love me only when we fuck

this isn’t passion, this is lust

call it affection cuz we touch

my validation i entrust

in your tongue

you say you want me

say what you feel is strong, you just hungry

we don’t build the bonds, we just want the heat

and i invite you in so i can watch you leave

and we design the rides so that they always repeat

we arrive at denial of our carnal release

we climb to the rise till we’re on our knees

and we decline the platonic - we only want to be pleased


let’s talk foreplay

sex for your brain

enter course of soul of soulmates

intercourse without penetrate

give me head, intelligent brain

metaphysical elation

finger through my vinyl crates

linger in lyrics of my page

push, hold, pause, pull

the patterns that we challenge conversations to go

the static we crack to liberate radios

give me mindsex, turn me on with your words

bring my mind to bed, turn me on without touch

the practice of attracting as we’re both fully clothed

undistracted, magnetic two spirits exposed

give me mindsex, turn me on with your verse

bring my mind to bed, turn me on with your love

confessions of me

professions of we

the pleasures we seek

are they pure or they fleeting?

the double standards of being enamored

got me holding lanterns for romantic measures

in search of the answer


thy nguyen