if the tables were turned

try pushing your chips in and bet them all on me. 

you could never. 

try diving headfirst, carrying my world on your shoulders. 

you could never. 

try inheriting a child born from the starting point of my line of failed relationships, with readiness. 

you could never. 

try donning grace amidst the skepticism around your sincerity because of my poisoned love history. 

you could never. 

try earning a keep ‘cause my heart has been a revolving door. 

you could never. 

try making your place in all of my rooms with no space. 

you could never. 

try being, not just a wallflower, but a gracious wallflower when you’re pushed to the periphery of any concern when my baggage begins to burst at the seams. 

you could never. 

try being, not just a partner, but a steward for all of my troubles when the half-assed dam of a boundary that i draw around us is struck by a flood that takes you under, too. 

you could never. 

you could never. 

‘cause you could never be me. 

so how ‘bout just try. 

how ‘bout just try putting yourself second, sometimes. 

how ‘bout just try making me a priority, sometimes. 

how ‘bout just try showing up not all of the time, or even most of the time, just some of the time, that it matters. 

how ‘bout just try seeing me without my commanding your eyes to look into my heart, to know me, sometimes. 

how ‘bout just try following through not even on your word, just the spoken promises, sometimes. 

how ‘bout just try holding yourself accountable to the bar of loving fair, not even great, just fair, and meeting it. 

could you ever. 

could you ever. 

could you ever fight for us as hard as you defend your own ego. 

could you ever protect my heart the way you insulate your pride. 

could you ever value my time, not only because time is short, but because i am valuable. 

could you ever love me, not just because i love you, but simply because i am worth loving. 

thy nguyen
body injustice

there are

those who enter

and there are

those who open.

why did

the creator

choose my body

to be the one that welcomes.

thy nguyen