Grant Writing/Capacity Building

Grant Writing and Capacity-Building

Thy is a well-experienced grant writer, capacity builder, and operations manager, with expertise in procurement and program implementation of city, county, and federal funding as well as micro grants and private or foundational grants.  Her portfolio includes managing multiple programs’ teams, operations, and models; securing and implementing $2+ million in city/county contracts and $100k+ in foundational grants; and monitoring over 15 simultaneous contracts involving different funding sources, contract requirements ,and funding and reporting cycles. Thy has deep experience navigating various sectors and systems and building strategic collaborations and coalitions centering on the voices, lives, and values of community members.

Grant-writing services are offered to individuals, groups, and organizations seeking assistance in funding opportunity search and grant application completion.

Capacity-building and technical support are offered to individuals, groups, and organizations seeking training, coaching, and/or consultation in areas related to strategic planning, program implementation, and/or grant or funding processes related to contract compliance, reporting requirements, budget tracking, and invoicing. Go here for more information on grant writing and technical support rates.